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The Museum of Ethnic Clothing of Mexico A.C., MUREM, connects us with the rich and varied cultures of Mexico through the collection, preservation, presentation and interpretation of the unique and everyday garments of Mexicans.

"I am convinced that the best designers in Mexico are in the mountains, in the jungles and on the coasts."

- ​Carla Fernández, Mexican designer 


The Museum of Ethnic Clothing of Mexico, MUREM, collects, preserves, interprets and presents traditional and contemporary clothing, which represents the diverse ethnic cultures of the Mexican Republic. We serve Mexicans and visitors from other countries as a heritage center, with a collection and programming that offer an understanding of the unique skills, art, and identity of the country´s

many ethnic communities.


Our museum

With the world becoming more homogenized, MUREM tells the stories of the people who wore the clothing on view. The museum helps us to better understand the people of Mexico, their traditions and their historic development, and preserves a physical memory of the Mexican ethnic communities that are rapidly changing.

Your donations help us present amazing exhibitions and engaging programs for all visitors.



Tey Mariana Stiteler



Joel Jimenez Chavi

Guide, administration 


Marty Osorio López

Guide, collection 


Luis Felipe Pech Chablé Guide, gallery experience

Rocio Sabido

Guide, research

Tey Mariana Stiteler


Emma Montes de Oca Secretary

Elias Alcocer Puerto Treasurer

Laura Arceo Medina

Rafa Cuellar

Susana de Paz Cruz Leonel Escalante Aguilar

Manolo Navarrete  Correa

Antonio Sanchez Araujo

Amanda Watkins



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