Henequén: A little bit of history, a little bit of show and tell

Updated: Apr 20

On Thursday, March 17, a talk and demonstration about henequén presented by Angel Teh and Rick Kraft took place in the MUREM Palapa. Angel shared his experience working with henequen during his childhood and Rick gave an overview of the industrialization of henequen in Yucatan.

The plant has a great cultural and historical value in this region. Henequen is a plant of the agave family and native to the state of Yucatan. It is used for the manufacture of cord, ropes and twine. While there is no clothing in the collection made from henequen, it is important here. Textile fragments found in the sacred cenote of Chichen Itzá were discovered to have been made of cotton and henequen.

The interesting event was especially enriching because of the demonstration, where Ángel showed how to remove the henequen fibers from the leaf.

Ángel Teh is a Mayan, originally from Chichimila, who has worked in many places since his youth. He is currently the gardener of the museum. Rick Kraft has spent time in Valladolid for 15 years, he is originally from Oregon, USA, and has a great passion for the history of Yucatan.

MUREM thanks everyone involved in this event, which aims to spread and help publicize valuable traditional practices that helped build and design the wonderful cultural world that is Mexico.

Written by Janeth Mazum Dzib and Yazmin Tuz Moo,

Marketing interns from the Universidad de Oriente

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