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Mayan women have been embroidering in the Yucatan Peninsula since before the arrival of the Spanish to Mexico. This rich cultural tradition continues today and supports many thousands of families here.


The Rotary Club of Valladolid Pueblo Mágico and Museo de Ropa Étnica de México (MUREM) created the Maya Mix-Six project as part of our commitment to support local communities and help to conserve this essential part of the Yucatecan identity. 


The Maya Mix-Six pack contains six facemasks by six embroiderers from Valladolid
and the villages of Dzitnup, Kanxoc, Tikuch, Tixhualactun, and Xocen. 


Even when using a sewing machine, these embroideries are drawn and sewn by embroiderers, not a computer program. Each is one of a kind. The mix features a variety of designs, colors, and styles and each work tells you about its maker.

Make a difference in the life of a Mayan family.

Your purchase directly benefits the artisans who make these masks.

Rotary International & MUREM

This effort aims to give work to the embroiderers in our town, making face masks distributed worldwide by Rotary Club and MUREM.

The Mix-Six Maya includes mouth covers made by embroiderers from Valladolid and five neighboring towns. The name of each embroiderer and her village are attached to each piece.

You and your Rotary club can support us in this great project.

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Your purchase directly supports these women and the regional community programs of the Club Rotario Valladolid Pueblo Mágico and MUREM.

Maya Mix-Six Face Mask Packages


6 individually packaged masks: $600 MXP/$30 USD + shipping*



Buy the Mix-Six in volume and get free shipping. Take orders from your club members or sell the packets as a fundraiser. Use them as holiday stocking stuffers, or for special group events.

Club Pack 25 $15,000 MXP / 750 USD shipping included

Club Pack 50 $30,000 MXP / 1500 USD shipping included

Club Pack 100 $60,000 MXP / 3000 USD shipping included

All Club Packs include free shipping!

Allow three weeks for delivery.


The masks are handmade items, therefore although we have different styles, the content of your package may vary.

If you wish to make a special order, contact us!

Get to know the embroiderers
behind Maya Mix-Six