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Visit, learn, and enjoy the hands-on experience of weaving on a backstrap loom and more in a Mayan village with the Museo de Ropa Étnica A.C. (MUREM)

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Experience offered by

Felipe and Santiago

4 hours / Language: Spanish and English

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Discover one of the most emblematic pre-Hispanic techniques in the Mayan community of Tixhualactún near Valladolid, Yucatan

Learn how to weave on the backstrap loom using henequen fibers (Sóoskil in the Mayan language).

As part of your interactive immersion you will be taught how to set up the backstrap loom, about the history of Yucatan’s once-famous “green gold,” henequén, and about the various natural dyes used to color this ancient fiber. We will also visit a nearby stone artisan who makes traditional kitchen utensils.

Additionally, we will walk two blocks to see the village’s colonial church and talk about its history in the community and Yucatecan traditions.


  • Work materials

  • Transportation

  • Bottled water and fresh fruit waters.

  • Gift

  • Museum entrance

You will be fascinated by this authentic and very special experience with us.


Felipe Pech Chable,

With a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Master's degree in Ethnography and Intercultural Education, Felipe is the ideal host. He appreciates handcrafts for their special qualities, just as he respects the people who create them.

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Santiago Uc Tuz,

With a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and certification as a nature guide, Santiago has deep respect for the Mayan communities and the cultural heritage that is still practiced in this region.

Through its community-based cultural tours of Yucatecan embroidery and weaving techniques, MUREM connects everyone with an understanding of the skills, art, and heritage of Yucatan through the textiles made by its artisans.
A guided visit to the colorful collection of indigenous, traditional, and contemporary clothing at the museum MUREM highlights the values of craftsmanship and shares the stories of the unique beauty of Mexico through the clothing worn by its diverse cultural groups.
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Every Friday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
(4 people)

The Museum of Ethnic Clothing of Mexico, MUREM, collects, preserves, interprets and presents traditional and contemporary clothing, which represents the diverse ethnic cultures of the Mexican Republic. We serve Mexicans and visitors from other countries as a heritage center, with a collection and programming that offer an understanding of the unique skills, art, and identity of the country´s many ethnic communities.