Woman's Outfit of Hermosillo, Sonora

China poblana

Prepared by Martina Lucia Felix Monroy

Cultural Group: Com-Caac or Seri

Blouse, 2021

Pink poplin with purple and white ribbons on the front and at the ends of the sleeves. It has buttons down the front and long sleeves. At the height of the waist is a pleated flounce.

Skirt, 2021

The skirt is long and fitted at the waist. It is made of bright purple poplin with a poplin band of lilac "spikes" and adorned with purple ribbons.

Bag, 2021

Adorned with seashells and embroidered details like the facial paint worn by Com-Caac (Seris) women on their faces.

Necklace, 2020

Made with shells from the sea with beads made of glass and shark vertebrae.

mom as china poblana.jpg
mom as china poblana.jpg