Woman’s Outfit from Huixtán, Chiapas

China poblana

Cultural Group: Tzotzil Maya

Wrap Skirt, 2020

Made by María Luísa Hernández Servino
Cotton blouse, country style, machine-embroidered at the neck with flowers in silk threads and trimmed with industrial lace.

Belt, 2020

Made by Augustina Moshan
Woven in cotton on a backstrap loom

Rebozo, 2016

Donated by Angeles López-Portillo de Stiteler
Cotton textile with pulled threads and hand-embroidered flowers in silk threads

In the pueblo of Huixtan, Chiapas, a group of male musicians and dancers dressed in traditional clothing approach the municipal officials to kick off the Carnival celebrations before Ash Wednesday.

mom as china poblana.jpg
mom as china poblana.jpg