Woman´s outfit from Jamiltepec

China poblana


Ethnic Group: Mixteca

Huipil, 2017

Handwoven huipil of three pieces with white cotton thread and intermittent rows of designs in blue thread, joined by hand with blue satin ribbon. The neck and shoulder area is embroidered in geometric designs by hand in a variety of different colors, most likely with synthetic yarns. 2018.35.a

Wrap Skirt, 2017

Handwoven wrap skirt in two pieces of white and brocade at the edges in a variety of different colors and designs. 2018.35.b

Apron, 2017

Machine stitched apron of industrial rough cotton. 2018.35.c

Belt, 2017

Handwoven on a backstrap loom 2018.35.d

Malacates (Spindles), 2017

Small wooden spindles, painted yellow with stripes of different colors. 2018.35.e

mom as china poblana.jpg
mom as china poblana.jpg