Woman´s everyday wear from San Mateo Del Mar

China poblana


Ethnic Group: Huave

Huipil, 2017

Made by Romualda Baloes. Handwoven on a backstrap loom, huipil of one solid piece of white cotton with purple stripes. Also included on the huipil are many small plants and animals in purple thread. 2018.20.a

Wrap skirt, 2017

Made by Débora Oviedo Salazar. Handwoven on backstrap loom, cotton wrap skirt of purple thread and white fringe. 2018.20.b

Belt, 2017

Made by Débora Oviedo Salazar. Purple cotton belt, handwoven on a backstrap loom. 2018.19.c

mom as china poblana.jpg
mom as china poblana.jpg