Terno, the gala outfit of the ̈Mestiza ̈ from Yucatan

China poblana

Made by María Dora Cajúm y Tox

Ethnic Group: Mestiza Yucateca

Jubón, Maní, Yucatan, 2013

Large cotton square with hand-embroidered flowers in cross stitch and decorated on the
edge with industrial lace trimmings, sewn to the neck of the huipil.

Huipil, Maní, Yucatan, 2013

Cotton dress that reaches the knees, decorated at the hem with the same flowers as the
jubón in cross stitch, and trimming of industrial lace.

Fustán, Maní, Yucatan, 2013

Cotton underskirt decorated with the same flowers as the cross stitch jubón and huipil, with
trimming of industrial lace.

mom as china poblana.jpg
mom as china poblana.jpg