Man’s Gala Outfit of Hermosillo, Sonora

China poblana

Prepared by Martina Lucia Felix Monroy

Cultural Group: Com-Caac or Seri

Shirt, 2021

Turquoise poplin with attractive navy blue ribbon trims at the ends of the long sleeves, around the collar, and on the chest above a navy blue poplin band with “spikes”.

Pants, 2021

Navy blue pants with bright white and turquoise ribbon trim on the sides and a poplin band with turquoise blue spikes and bright navy blue ribbons on the bottom hem.

Shoulder bag, 2021

Once used by warriors with details of colored ribbons and embroidery with arrows that they use for hunting. They would also use this arrow design to paint their faces in times of war.

Necklace, 2020

Made with shells from the sea with beads made of glass and shark vertebrae.

mom as china poblana.jpg
mom as china poblana.jpg