Escaramuza Charra from Unión de San Antonio, Jalisco

China poblana

Donated by Elvia Naveja

Dress, ca. 1992

Pink cotton voile with a high neck with ruffle, a smocked bodice with ruffles at either side,
muitton chop sleeves with smocking at forearms and ending in a ruffled wrist, and four ruffles
of cotton eyelet at the edge of the skirt.

Sash, 2020

Mexican rebozo in lime green silk thread.

Hat, 2020

Charro hat with wheat straw.

The female riders of the Charrería de México are called Escaramuzas. Riding in unison, the
Escaramuza teams perform bold and colorful choreographies on horseback, riding on a side
saddle. The traditional dress of the Escaramuza, with its long ruffled skirt, high neckline and

long sleeves, plus charro hat, is inspired by the clothes worn by the Adelitas, women who
fought in the Mexican Revolution.
This costume was worn by Elvia Naveja when she was the Queen Escaramuza Charra de la
Charrería in Unión de San Antonio, Jalisco, in 1992.

mom as china poblana.jpg
mom as china poblana.jpg